A Guide to Writing a University of Maryland Essay

university of maryland application essay

If you plan to apply to the University of Maryland, you will have to provide a well-prepared essay. You have to choose one of five prompts to write the essay about. You have a chance to present strong sides of your personality and your background that can fit the course of the University of Maryland. When choosing the topic, you should consider what you like and what you are interested in. You can showcase your talents and skills with a good essay and you can provide a negative impression if you choose the wrong prompt.

Don’t hurry when choosing the topic for your application essay. Read the prompts carefully and think what you can write about each of them. Don’t focus on the things that most people like, try to find the thing that can present your strong sides in the essay. The size of the essay isn’t big, it’s about 500 words, so you should choose the topic that is narrow enough, so you could find enough words to describe your thoughts and ideas. Set the deadline and start preparing the text today.

How to write the university of Maryland college park essay

Writing a good university of Maryland application essay is a tough and challenging task for most of the students. Your goal is to make the essay stand out among the works of other candidates. You have to impress and provide a good understanding of the topic. You should include your views, beliefs, examples from life and your hobbies. Don’t write about the things that are obvious for everyone like smoking is harmful. Try to make this text personal and the one that is different. In this article, we’ll tell you how to write an application essay and we’ll tell you what to do if you can’t cope with the task yourself.

Read the guideline

It’s always difficult to start writing an Application Essay. Many students consider reading the guidelines of the university as a waste of time as there will be nothing new there. The University of Maryland provides a complete instruction on writing the application essay on its website. You will have to spend only a few minutes on reading the recommendations. If you don’t meet one of the requirements that are provided on the site, you will definitely fail attempting to apply to any course. Pay attention to the number of words, formatting, the way to organize your thoughts and so on. When you know what the members of the admission committee expect to see, it will be much easier to write the essay.

Make a compelling introduction

The first sentence of an essay can grab the attention of the readers or can make them put your essay aside. You should write a hook sentence that will evoke feelings and provoke the readers for thinking over your words. It often happens that there are hundreds of essays and it’s very difficult to read them from the first line to the last one. The texts are skimmed and the first sentence can make the reader look through the text carefully. The next few sentences should provide the reasons why you have chosen this prompt and the last one should present your attitude to the topic of the University of Maryland college park application essay.

Follow your inner voice

No one is interested in what other people think, the only thing that really matters is you and your thoughts. Even if you think that you have some wrong ideas or concepts, don’t be afraid to describe them in the essay. You can look for the university of Maryland essay examples to see how other applicants express their ideas about the topic. Of course, you can describe how the course you’re planning to take will influence your future career and life in general, but try to focus on narrow aspects of this. For example, you can write about your childhood dream that is possible to achieve only with the help of studying at the university.

Make your first draft

If you think that the most successful essays were written in a few minutes, you’re wrong. They were written once, then they have been rewritten for dozens times. You should be ready for this if you want to succeed of course. When you have the topic and you have thought what you can write about, start writing the text. Don’t think about any formatting, dividing the text into paragraphs and so on. You will do it after you write the last line of your first draft. When you have the text ready, print it and use a pencil to make notes and place all the lines in the right logical order.

Stay on the bright side

If your story is so sad that you almost cry when you read it, it’s a bad variant of a university of Maryland college application essay. If the reader feels sad emotions, there’s a little chance that some positive impression will appear especially if there are several sad stories in a row. Of course, if you have a terrible accident in the past, you can describe it. But don’t focus on negative emotions, try to emphasize how you overcame the obstacles. Focus on the outcome if it’s positive. The skill to make positive conclusions after horrible situations will be a useful skill not only for applying to the university but when you will be looking for your first job.

Proofread the essay

One of the most common mistakes that lead to low scores is spelling and grammar mistakes in the text. If you write a great story with a lot of examples from your life with some commas missing and wrong letters in some words, the mistakes will spoil all the impression. If you have time, have rest from the text for a few days before you proofread it. Use special applications that will help you find out the mistakes. Evaluate the text as if you are someone else. Think how many unimportant words and phrases you’re using and delete them right now. It’s good to have someone who can help you with correcting the mistakes.

Get your essay written

What will you do if you face the situation when you have nothing to write about or you simply have no time for doing this task. Many applicants fail with their applications because they are great students, they are the best at Math or science but they can’t create an impressive piece of writing. It doesn’t mean they don’t fit the educational process of the university. It means they require some help with the preparation of the University of Maryland Admission Essay. If you have any troubles with choosing the topic or writing the essay even after reading the tips above, we can offer you our help.

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