Baylor University is the Main Purpose of My Life

baylor university admission essay

As you probably understand, it is really difficult to gain success in the US if you do not have any higher education. Of course, you can study at home, start your own business, create the iPhone and become a billionaire but your chances to become successful in this way are extremely low. Therefore, I decided that I want to become a student at one of the most influential and reliable universities in our country. I chose Baylor university. I am sure that this university and its professors will help me to become a good specialist in my specific market to help other people and earn enough money.

Why should you choose me?

I wanted to be a lawyer from my early childhood. It is my real dream. I understand that lawyers are people who change this country. They are the most popular representatives of intelligences in our society. If you have this education, you can work as a judge and protect other people. If you are a prosecutor, you can look for crooks. On the other hand, you can also work as a lawyer and protect crooks but I think that I will manage to avoid these cases. I want to work only with reliable and honest people.

Therefore, as you have already understood, studying law at the Baylor University in order to become a successful lawyer is my life purpose right now. I really want to gain success in this sphere and I am not going to stop. I hope that you will consider my school diploma more precisely to make sure that I am a decent person.


Therefore, of course, the competition among applicants is enormous but I will be really glad to study at Baylor University. I will never give up and I will turn my wishes into reality!

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