How to Write a 2018-2019 Common App Essay

A Common App essay is the main and only application (questionnaire) used by top universities in the United States for a comprehensive assessment of an applicant. The profile is intended for admission to the bachelor’s degree. Filling it once, you are able to apply to different universities, located in the USA. This is a tool for assessment of the candidate and it contains not only personal information but also academic achievements, work experience.

Firstly, you should register in the portal Common Application. Be attentive, all the lines should be correctly filled in. Afterward, you will get a letter to your email with a login and password. The next step is to log into a Common Application site. Be ready to read instructions and terminology. In the “My Colleges tab”, you must select the universities you want to enter. Separately for each, fill out the form and the deadline. Then proceed to fill out the application.

Common App – is a special form, which consists of such parts as:

  • Personal data
  • Education
  • Test results
  • Family
  • Achievements
  • Work experience
  • Essay
  • Information on convictions

According to the results of the survey, the best universities in the US select the most promising and talented students who can bring something new to the university. For example, a preference may be given to the entrant, who has an average ball for knowledge of English, but there are awards and medals in sports or in painting. Essential in the questionnaire is an essay. This work is one of the main criteria for choosing and it is necessary to take a special responsibility for writing it.

How to Avoid Mistakes?

It happens that students make mistakes in a rush and it leads to a failure. In order to prevent spelling errors, check your answers several times. Your signature is also important. The entrants forget to subscribe at the end of the app. However, the selection committee wants to have an application according to all rules. It is a strict point in the USA.

The weird name of your email might be the reason for refusal, it is better to have an up-to-date email box with your name and surname. Be careful to write down correctly your name (it should be the same as in your passport). All the necessary papers should be attached to your app. The last point is the deadline. Be on time.



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