Is it really so difficult to write Montclair State University Admission Essay?

Most students think that it is not really difficult to write an admission essay. Just tell about yourself and that’s all. However, the real situation differs. You should understand that this strategy will be very popular among other competitors. All of them will decide to write about their lives, their education, and other specific skills. It is too boring and very predictable. Your chances to become a student will be really minimal in this instance. As a result, you should find a unique and interesting way to present boring info about yourself. You should create an essay which will be exciting for the committee. For example, you can write a funny story about your life or create a new format of an ordinary admission essay.

So, the main rule is quite clear – be unique and original. Do not copy texts created by other writers. Try to present your own story.

5 useful pieces of advice

There are also some additional tips, which can help you with this problem. So, if you need to write a high-quality admission essay you should follow these recommendations:

  • Be clear

Do not write long and boring texts. Try to create short sentences, which are simple for readers. There is no need to create complicated texts, which are not clear enough even for you. Your paper has to be short, interesting and simple. Stick to this golden rule.

  • The typical structure

Second, it is very important to follow the typical structure. Even if you created a unique and exclusive format of this essay, you should not forget about the typical structure. First of all, write an introduction. After that, write the story of your essay. Finally, do not forget about a strong conclusion.

  • Proofread your paper

In most cases, students are too “busy” to reread their paper. They think that they are professional enough to avoid mistakes during writing. However, it is a serious mistake. You are obliged to proofread your paper and edit some aspects to increase the final quality of this text. If you miss this stage, we can guarantee that your results will be disappointing.


Therefore, follow our simple pieces of advice and you will gain success in admission essay writing. We are sure that you will manage to do that. Just choose the appropriate format, create a really interesting story and you will turn your dreams about studying at Montclair State University into reality.

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