Medical School Secondary Application Essay Example

If your dream of becoming a specialist in the medical department, you have to go through long years of studying. To become a doctor you need to be persistent in studying. If it does not scare you and you still want to become a good medical worker, you have to complete study in a secondary medical school.

Preparing an application for your secondary medical school is a very responsible task. Usually, a medical application essay contains a shorter but more detailed personal statement. The application should contain information on why you want to study in a particular school. A well-written essay plus your interview performance have to make a great impression on the committee. Read the article and find useful tips for creating an outstanding paper.


Tips on Writing a Secondary Medical Application Essay


Unlike primary schools that ask general questions, secondary schools are interested in more specific answers about the applicants, their future goals, and their decisions to study in certain medical schools. Unfortunately, a lot of applicants fail because of not answering the asked questions. Review our experts’ tips and learn how to answer all questions clearly in your essay.


  • Start as early as possible. Examine your personal traits and contemplate stories from your life. Identify characteristics that describe you the best. Your personal story or real-life example can lead to answering the main question: “Why do I want to become a physician?” Take time to prepare a great paper that will reveal your characteristics and explain why you want to make a career in the medical field.
  • Remember your audience. It will take only 5 minutes to read our essay to the examination committee. Create a thesis statement that grabs attention from the very beginning. A clear and honest explanation of why you want to become a medical worker will prove your motivation, therefore, make admissions officers trust you and give you a chance.
  • Follow the 5-paragraph essay format. An application essay should follow the same format as all other academic papers. Structure the application with the introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and leave the last paragraph for the conclusion. An organized paper shows your good writing skills. The committee will appreciate the information given in a logical order.
  • Read, change and improve before submitting the essay. Do not rush to submit your essay as quickly as possible. The fact that the school receives your application first will not make your score higher. Make sure that the essay does not contain a single error. Read the application to someone whose judgment you trust before you submit the essay.


Secondary Application Medical School Questions and Examples


Review 5 common questions that are asked during the examination process. Try to answer all 5 questions at home. The answers should be interesting and entertain the readers. Avoid such answers as: “My mother is a doctor and she told me how to treat patients.”


Remember that the admission officers can ask you the same question that you have already answered in your essay. Repeat your answer and provide the most meaningful information to prove that you are honest. Every applicant is asked the question: “Why do you want to study at this school?” Study the school profile and learn what they focus on. Do not copy the answer from the website otherwise your essay will be identical to the most applications. Link your personal experience with what the school teaches and explain how the school can help you continue to grow and become professional.


  • Who is the most influential person in your life?
  • What is your life-changing activity?
  • What is the most interesting research you have done?
  • What are your long-term goals?
  • What challenges did you overcome in the last year?


Read the questions and give written answers at home. If you can answer these question in an interesting, entertaining, and inspiring way, you should be well-prepared for the important day. Remember that there are a lot of applicants but the schools choose the best ones to help them become great physicians.


Hopefully, our recommendations will make your way towards studying in the desired medical school easier.




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