One Application for Multiple Colleges to Secure Various Options

After youngsters graduate from a school, they commonly go to study in a college. There are numerous options. However, the choice may be limited in a variety of ways. You will hardly find a counselor who would recommend applying for a single college. Even a variant for two educational institutions seems to be worthless. It is much better to apply to multiple colleges. In fact, many students apply to multiple colleges at once. You should not miss this crucial point!

Can you apply to more than one college? Of course, you can. If this is possible, you should definitely do that and don’t pass up this outstanding opportunity. It’s necessary to know how to apply to multiple colleges at once. We know a lot about this matter. Undoubtedly, the most obvious and really efficacious method is to write an impressive Common Application essay. This is your main key to success. All further actions will dance from this point on.

However, prior to applying to multiple colleges, you should settle all things properly. Make sure you have passed all necessary tests, have prepared all required documents, etc. In addition, after you define whether can you apply to multiple colleges and whether it makes sense, you should be totally sure the chosen educational institutions are able to meet your needs and expectations. Otherwise, there is no point in asking can you apply to a college more than once or no.

Many applicants leave a typical request “Can I apply to multiple colleges?” The answer is positive, as we have already told you. Other typical questions sound like this “Can you accept admission to multiple colleges?” and/or “How many colleges can I apply to on Common App?” and similar ones. The answers are various. Some claim that three-five applications will be enough. The others advise sending to six and more colleges. However, it’s up to you. You don’t have to pass tests (SAT or ACT) many times. One time is enough. It is in charge of a definite period of time. Therefore, you are welcome to apply for multiple colleges at once until that period expires. Accordingly, the matter of how many colleges to apply to is resolved.

Essential Prompts to Apply to Multiple Institutions


The schoolers likewise wonder “how many students apply to college?” It is understandable that you may be anxious. However, the statistics may frighten you. Thousands of other folks may get into a college instead of you. You should not worry about that aspect if your grades are good and you have written an effective admission assay.

The members of admission committees don’t wonder “How many college applications should I submit?” They know the allowed number of them. Therefore, perform your best to be in the number of those lucky ones. Under the condition, you wish to know how to manage that, we will teach you. This article contains some useful recommendations. Let’s give a closer heed to your writing.

  • Choose a good topic
  • Narrow your story
  • Show your point
  • Use your own voice
  • Ask for a feedback

Firstly, you should select a topic, which will clearly highlight your persona and your best traits. You should not tell how important it is to become a student at a college. Simply mention something special and personal about yourself. This advice is especially important when you wish to learn how to apply to multiple colleges. They may be quite different and you will have to spend a lot of time writing to each. Therefore, compose one application, which is really universal. You should be yourself and tell your true story.

It’s a bad idea to cover multiple topics. You won’t have space for that because applications shouldn’t be too long. This is no resume but a brief story about who you are and what makes you special. Focus on these two narrow points. In addition, some institutions may ask you to write about the things that had a strong and meaningful impact on you and your life choices.

At times, there may be a request to imagine your own course and the way you would like to organize it. Other options are to explain your choice of the major, what historically famous person you would like to meet, etc. These topics will tell a lot to the admission committee about your personality.

You shouldn’t simply enumerate some facts to give your readers an image about your viewpoint. Show it. Add some special details to make your story alive and real. Describe and support your storytelling with examples.

You have to step out of the crowd. Your writing is supposed to be original. Otherwise, you would be hardly noticed. The admission committees notice applications, which are original and captivating. Avoid too formal and official language. Be more relaxed and independent.

Before you submit the final version, ask somebody to proofread it. This may be your parents, friends or an academic advisor. Other people may spot something non-original or mistakes. This is a good method to escape unwanted errors.

Things to Avoid


After you solve the matter about how many colleges can you apply to on common app, learn some crucial and typical mistakes. Students tend to repeat them annually. Therefore, we have gathered the information about the most common things you’d better avoid. Otherwise, they’ll bring your efforts to ruin. These things are:

  • Neglecting instructions
  • Composing a too long essay
  • Allowing parents to decide
  • Submitting without revision
  • Lingering too long
  • Repeating yourself
  • Putting obvious questions

Many applicants don’t read the instructions about how to apply for colleges. This is an obvious rule you should obligatorily follow. Learn all the requirements, forms, the list and the number of documents, etc.

Many parents think that they know what is better for their children. Accordingly, they choose instead of them. This may potentially become a disaster. You will be forced to follow somebody’s will and hopes. What about your own? This is your future and only you should decide which profession to choose.

Don’t write a lengthy resume.  Your story is expected to be pretty short. Admission committees read thousands of applications and they cannot devote the entire time to reading. They likewise have to analyze all the essays to determine the worthy pieces. Therefore, you make them a great favor by writing concise papers. Besides, it will add you some credit if you manage to reflect the clear and completed thoughts shortly.

You should never forget or be idle to revise your writing. It is important and you should take it seriously. Revise and proofread it if necessary.

Many applicants repeat themselves all paper long. This is an awful mistake. They tend to write in every paragraph the same statements in other words. Such style shows that they lack originality. Every paragraph is supposed to inform something new about you.

Undoubtedly, you’ll be interviewed by an admission counselor. This is another form of a test. The counselor will expect to hear some important and original questions. Do not ask about things that can be easily found without having a review. This won’t speak in the favor of your wits.

Other Important Issues


There are some other crucial points to know. You should avoid them too. Let’s shed more light on them.

Don’t trump up your extracurricular abilities. The committees await some genuine information about the applicants. They wish to know what they are passionate about. Give the necessary details about your involvements and personality traits (such as leadership). This will provide the clearance on how devoted students are.

Many folks pay attention to majors and general data about application demands. Unfortunately, they don’t dig deeper. There are likewise some specific and not popular demands. Nonetheless, they are important as well. Oftentimes, students apply to majors that aren’t suitable for their level of knowledge. It’s quite possible that they haven’t taken some course to be fitting. Therefore, you should learn the slightest details.

Another issue is empty blanks. You should fill out the application form appropriately. Many applicants leave some activities that may be questionable. Try to give thorough clarifications in order to exclude any possibility to put additional questions. Provide all the necessary details to show that you are knowledgeable.

Though one may know about all the essentials, admission essay writing may become a tough challenge for somebody. Under the condition, this is your story, use some backup from a dependable writing company. Can you apply for more than one college? If you are able to do that, we will be happy to assist you. We won’t fail you.

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