The Best Scholarship Application Essay Sample for Students

I don’t think that I am the best applicant among the millions of those who would like to get a scholarship. But I know that I am the only one who needs this scholarship really much. I have promised one good person that I would become a doctor and save a lot of lives. This was my granny who died from the horrible disease known as the ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). This rare disease destroys the nerve cells and makes the person disabled in a certain period of time.

Perhaps, this is the main reason why I have decided to become a neurologist. Day by day I saw how the closest member of my family was losing an ability to walk, to move hands, to eat, and finally, to breathe. To say that it was horrible is to say nothing. When this happened to my granny, I started to learn everything about this disease. I treat it like an enemy I must fight. I will be able to do this only if you provide me with a chance to gain the high-quality knowledge in the medical school.

What Have I Already Done on the Way to My Goal?


So far, I have read a lot of literature on the topic of lateral sclerosis, its causes, consequences, and the stages of its development. I have studied a huge number of information sources and my major aim is to find the reason why my granny was unexpectedly diagnosed with this rare disease. I won’t be able to save her but I will keep my promise to be useful for the society I live in.


I know that there are a lot of scientists who made attempts to discover how to stop the development of this disease but they failed. Why do I consider myself to be able to conduct research that will be successful? Perhaps, this is due to the fact that compared to other researchers I have a strong personal interest. This is really important to me.


I have studied a lot and have many interesting ideas, which I would like to realize. However, for this, it is not enough to have the knowledge and skills I have got on my own. That’s why I will be very grateful if you give me a chance to prove that I will do my best to contribute to medicine.

Why Should You Choose Me?


I know that you will get millions of scholarship application essays. Why me? Perhaps, I think that I deserve this scholarship because I am going to do everything possible and impossible to find the treatment from the diseases, which today are still considered incurable. My aim is to help the mankind to become stronger in the fight against diseases that destroy good people who could do so many good things to other people.


In the age of new technologies, smart robots, the reproductive cloning, and other impressive discoveries, it seems strange that people haven’t found drugs from all those diseases that exist already for long and take people’s lives every day. I want to be one of those who will correct this mistake.


Robots are great and really helpful but I think that scientists must think more about the invention of medicine from cancer, ALS, AIDS, and other diseases that deprive people of the possibility to enjoy life, which is so short even without diseases. Hope you will provide me with an opportunity to demonstrate my willingness to improve this situation. I am a person who always prefers doing everything on my own without asking for help.


However, this time I have understood that I have no chances to get the high-quality education without a scholarship. Despite the fact that I combine work and study, it is enough only to support myself and my mom. I don’t want to save for years to pay for the decent education not because I am not a hard-working person. I am afraid of losing time that will never come back. I don’t want to waste years that could be spent on getting the valuable knowledge that will help me to invent the medicine from the ALS. Hope you will understand me and give a chance! You won’t regret!




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