The Best Common App Activities Example for Students

When I was 14, my friend and I participated in the athletics competition. This day has divided my life into two parts: before and after. On the one hand, that day was the happiest one in my life because I won the first place. Do you wonder what could make such a great day the worst one in my life? My best friend did something wrong and hurt himself. He had serious problems with his spine and he couldn’t continue doing sports at all.

My friend Ben became a disabled person who still loved sports and dreamt of tournaments and competitions. I looked at him with tears in my eyes but one day I came to him and promised that there would be a day when he wins his gold prize. These words weren’t just empty promises. Since that day, I have started to think about how to keep the promise. And I have done this already!


Several months ago, I organized a sports tournament for people with special needs. My friend became a winner. And I understood that it is much more pleasant to look into his happy eyes than to win the prizes on my own.

Learning Foreign Languages is My Great Passion


Sports isn’t my only passion. I love foreign languages and now I balance between studies and work being a tutor in the elementary school. What do I love most about my work? First of all, I love kids and think that it is great when you can share your knowledge with others. I know four languages:


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian


My friends can’t believe that it is possible to know so many languages but for me, it is a pleasure to learn new words as well as plunge into the culture of the people speaking the language I learn. Now I am learning Japanese. Recently, I met a nice girl at the supermarket, she smiled at me and said something but I couldn’t understand. Then, I understood that this was Japanese and decided to learn it as well. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Will I learn every language I hear somewhere? Yes, this is my plan!


Plans for the Future: Personal Life and Work


I think that it is impossible to predict our future but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t plan anything. As for me, I can’t live a day without planning. I have a special diary where I make notes about my short-term and long-term plans. As I have already said, now I am working as a tutor and study. I have a lot of plans concerning plans outside the college. For example, I am going to visit an art school as I always wanted to draw. When I have an inspiration I like drawing faces of people whom I saw and there was something in them that attracted my attention. I am not a professional artist but my friends say that they like my pictures much.


I have always dreamt about my own gallery and picture exhibition. Now, I have about 30 drawings and plan to organize my personal exhibition with the free entrance. Hope that there will be people who will understand what I wanted to say with my drawings. As for my future work, I think that I will connect my life with the profession where I will need good communication skills. These skills help me to find the common language with the schoolchildren I teach as well as with new people.


I know for sure that I will continue learning languages and when I earn enough money I will have a round-the-world trip!  I love traveling and so far I have visited France, Italy, Germany. I think that traveling is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural peculiarities of the nation. I haven’t won a lot of awards yet but I plan to do this! I think one of my virtues is that I set goals and do my best to achieve them in any kind of activity!





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