The High-Quality Nursing Application Essay Sample

All little girls like listening to fairy-tales about princesses while I have always liked listening to stories about my mom’s nursing job. She is a nurse in our local medical center and she is the person who inspired me to choose the same nursing career. A lot of my friends complain that their parents-judges, economists, politicians made them enter the same university and faculty without asking what they wanted to do.

I am the lucky one as I have a completely different situation. My mom has never tried to influence my choice. It was my personal decision. Looking at how she helps people daily, I have always wanted to be as kind and helpful as my mother is. When I informed my mom about the decision to enter the nursing school, she asked me if I was 100% sure. I will always remember her words: “Medical workers are not Gods but the God has entrusted them to provide a helping hand to everyone in need”.


Traits of Character that Will Help Me in the Nursing Career


I think that not everyone can become a good nurse or a doctor. This is due to the fact that there is a certain set of qualities you must have. As for me, nursing is the style of my life. Since childhood, I have been caring about my grandmother. My mom headed to work and gave me instructions about the medicine for granny, and I played that I was her doctor feeling my own significance. Now I am not a kid anymore but I have the same strong wish to connect my life with the work, which is aimed at taking care of sick people.


I am attentive to the details and very responsible. I never stop doing something if I face difficulties as I love challenges and never look for the easier way out. I understand that this profession requires much time, efforts, an ability to work under stress, and great patience. I am ready to take this responsibility. In my opinion, there is no any other profession as noble as saving lives and providing the necessary care for those who need you.


My friends say that I have some drawbacks but they can easily forgive my small disadvantages because they don’t know anybody else with the same kind heart. I think that my ability to empathize will be of use in my future career.

Caregiving is a Way of My Life


I believe that it is necessary to choose a future profession following your dreams. Mine is to be useful to the society. I will be the happiest person in the world if you provide me with a chance to improve the life quality of other people. I strongly believe that life is too short and each of us should understand that the time is limited. We should try to do our best to make this world better. Medical workers are those who are able to help people to prolong their time on this Earth and do more kind things.


If you accept me, I promise to exceed your expectations. I understand that there are many other students who want to occupy this place but perhaps, some of them have been influenced by their parents while others have several variants to choose from. As for me, I don’t see myself being somebody else. I have always been an ambitious and hard-working person. The nursing school is my goal number one as the medical career matters too much for me and I am not going to give up!


By the way, I forgot to mention one more trait of character that may help me to become a great professional – persistence and the character of a real warrior. I will fight for the health of my patients and will sacrifice my time to see smiles on their faces instead of tears of pain. I am sure that my profession choice is the right one as caregiving is the way I am living.




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