The Newest Teaching Methods to Make Your Students Love Their Studies

Old teaching methods are still used widely, and this is not correct. This causes frustrations to students and makes them really hate their studies. However, many teachers understand that something should be done. And they are doing their best to integrate new technological achievements and invent new teaching techniques in the study process.

So, what are those methods of teaching that will make your students love their studying process? Actually, there is a good number of them, and if you are the one who is teaching, you should apply those that you can. A blackboard and a piece of chalk are always good, but there are many things that can be used now.

There are so many technological achievements that you can apply to expand the interest of your students and make them love their studies. And here is just a short list of those things that will make the learning unforgettable for your students:

  • Computers
  • Web-based apps
  • Online programs for each subject
  • Communication with famous scientists
  • Mobile phones
  • Online diaries and plans

And many other wonderful developments and inventions. Yes, many teachers believe that all those things don’t do anything well. But why don’t we then hunt animals with a stone and a stick, but go to a shop instead? Why don’t we walk kilometers instead of taking a bus? Why don’t we arrange a fireplace in our home instead of using a stove and electricity?

The same applies to the study. Why should students use only methods that have been applied generations ago instead of using the ways that can be used now? Why should students suffer from obsolete teaching methodologies that cannot give anything but frustration and hatred to the study process?

So, if you are willing to become a good teacher indeed and make your students love your lessons and succeed in them, use those effective types of teaching methods. Don’t ignore them, like many colleagues do.

Modern Methodology of Teaching: Just Use It

By the way, do you know how a methodology and a method differ? Well, if you think that a methodology is rather a system, something closer to a science of teaching, and a method is, yeah, a method, then, you are right.

So, the modern teaching methodology and strategies are based on the technological achievements and those opportunities that they provide. For example, do you use computers and the Internet to make your students really engaged in teaching? How can you use these achievements? Here are just a couple of ideas, they might be helpful:

  • The Internet for learning languages with native speakers (live communication, chatting, software)
  • The Internet for communication with famous scientists and researchers
  • The mobile technology for informing about homework, communication with students
  • The Internet and the computer to provide parents access to the data about the progress of their children and information about homework
  • Projectors, audio and video materials for presenting new material and projects

Ok, let`s agree that most of those methods have been existing for ages. However, how many of them are really used for teaching? Or for self-teaching? How many schools and teachers do you know that use computers not only for computer science, but for literature, or language teaching, for example? And what about mobiles? Are they applied at your school at all?

New Teaching Methods: Are You Informed About What They Are?

Among the best teaching methods, you can hardly find good old methods. What will your student tell you if you just give him a text and ask to retell its content? That is weird, isn’t it? And just imagine how your student will be motivated to prepare such a task.

But what if you ask your student to develop a project based on the text? The project type depends on the text type, but if you don’t have any ideas, ask your students. They will provide you with the most amazing ideas and projects, just believe us! This new teaching method is called a project-based teaching and it is not limited just by the given example.

You can make with your students short-term and long-term projects in absolutely all subjects. Do you have the architecture? Make the models of cities of their dreams or of the city they live in.

Foreign literature? That’s perfect, make quizzes, or, rather, divide your students into groups and ask them to prepare a quiz for their competitors. You can be sure they will learn the literary work in the smallest details if you motivate them. As well, what about a theatre performance based on a literary work? Every subject offers an unlimited number of wonderful solutions, just look for them.

There are many other effective teaching methods, and if you don’t have enough imagination, there are plenty of sources to read about them. Use them, and you will be happier teaching and your students will be happier studying.

Strategies Differ from Methods: Use Them

Many people, even many teachers, mix up strategies and methods. Well, let`s differentiate them in the following way:

  • Methods are rather general principles of teaching, they tell you HOW to teach
  • Different teaching strategies are rather specific decisions about a specific course, specific class, specific student, and so on.

When we speak about new methods, we speak about project-based methods, gamification, activity-based learning, and others.

When we speak about new strategies, we speak about such types of teaching strategies as strategies for direct instruction (for example, how to specify the objectives of each lesson, how to provide guidelines, and so on), or the strategies for teaching students with disabilities, and similar.

Strategies are more specific than methods. Can we say that strategies constitute a part of a method? That can be but it is rather correct to say that a strategy is an aspect of a method. They are interconnected but they are still different. So, teaching methods and strategies come hand in hand to make the study process better.

Sometimes, You Can Be Asked to Write about New Teaching Methodologies

If you are teaching, you will be forced to apply one or another modern method. Don’t you agree that different teaching methods are just needed to make your students successful? But what would you do if you are asked to write a paper about new teaching methods? Do you have an idea about what should you write?

Well, the tips would be rather standard. Start with the definition of the terms that you are going to use. You should differentiate between teaching methodologies, teaching methods, and strategies. Make them clear to your reader and to yourself, as well.

If you can give a teaching methods list, give it. Even if it contains just 1-2 methods, it is better than nothing. Make sure you have mentioned modern methods because old ones are known to everybody without your professional advice.

If you can, then giving a lesson structure with some tips would be good, as well. For example, you cannot give your students just materials and the project. You should explain to them the new materials, make them acquainted with which complications they can encounter. Discuss with them the tools that are needed for the project. The same applies to an experimental lesson or any other kind of lesson.

Give a list of teaching techniques, such as:

  • Inverted classroom
  • Case studies
  • Self-learning
  • Gamification
  • Use of social media for studies purposes
  • Online learning apps

And describe why they are good or why they might be bad. What are the benefits they can bring to your students? How should they be used properly? Don’t leave it just for the judgment of your students, they are independent, but they need your professional guidance.

If You Have to, But Cannot

But what to do if you don’t have a clear idea about teaching and moreover, about new educational methods? What if teaching methodology, including the new teaching methodology, wasn’t your favorite subject at university and moreover, you weren’t planning to write about it?

Just don’t write about it, it is okay. Ask somebody who knows the subject, moreover, who knows how and what about to write, to do it. What about ordering your paper or even some lesson plans for your students here online? Our writers will provide the highest quality service, you will be impressed, you`ll see.

Moreover, placing an order online will save you from the unpleasant task and wasting lots of efforts and nerves. You can spend your time on something that you love more, including teaching.


Teaching is a complicated process based in many aspects on your intuition and creativity. However, there are some basics that each teacher should know and follow. Some aspects of these basics might change, however, the essence stays for ages. Use them, add something new and interesting, don’t forget about the new requirements of the world, and just love your job.