Tips to Create Funny College Application Essay

All of us have already got used to the fact that all academic papers are supposed to sound scientifically and officially. You have to be very serious and discuss very important issues. However, humor may be the part of your writing too. It may be allowed in a certain form of essays. Though many of you may get afraid of this idea, it can be used when you write an application essay. This may work.

Of course, all students are very cautious with their application documents. They use an official tone, stick to all the standards and recommendations to create a worthy piece of writing. However, they are too tense and anxious. It is quite possible that this is one of the reasons why so many applications become rejected by the admission committees. Possibly, they lack some fun and humor.

What is the main purpose of a humorous essay? A humorous or funny essay is a pretty personal piece of writing, which has the primary objective to amuse or entertain the readers and its purpose is rather fun than informative or persuasive. Notwithstanding, funny essays may simply combine a serious message and the amusing content.

Funny college essays conventionally depend on a narration or description. They are used for rhetorical or organizational purposes. Many famous authors used them to entertain their audience and yet, deliver an important message.

Just imagine what your academic tasks would be if they all existed in the form of the funniest essays. Humor helps to overcome the tough realities of our life. Therefore, funny college applications have all the chances to succeed. You only should take a risk and use humor to convince your admission committee. Find some funny satirical essay topics and try your luck. It may smile at you.

Nice Quick Prompts to Compose a Humorous Essay


Humor helps to view our life from a different angle. At times, we are too afraid or nervous to understand that things ain’t as bad as they might be in reality. Our emotions may overwhelm us and make us blind. Fun may be the best cure for that. Therefore, you should look for the samples of the best humorous essays. Another option is to learn some helpful prompts on how to write a funny essay from this guide.

The funniest college essays are not a simple collection of stories about nothing important but funny and sometimes, quite silly events. In fact, there are many funny college essays that worked because they combined the real funny events with something important in a life of students. At times, something unexpected and funny makes us understand our potential, open some hidden ways to overcome our problems, etc. The humorous college essays have such objective.

Many funny essays written by students as a part of their admission application met recognition of the professors. You should sound natural and depict the true events of your life. Here are some essential recommendations on this matter:

  • Select an accessible topic
  • Tell a story
  • Be brief and sweet
  • Contrast sadness and joy
  • Remain specific

No matter what essay type you have to compose, everything begins with the choice of the topic. It’s really difficult to laugh about the things you don’t know and/or understand. Therefore, you should select something familiar to all people and highlight it. Seek the recommended humorous essay topics if you lack ideas. The Internet is overflowed with them.

You should never simply tell jokes. Tell a story. You need a logical concept. Write a complete story highlighting things people really care about.

Keep your funny college essay short and sweet. This doesn’t mean that your assignment must be short. The jokes in it should be. Do not make the main stress on the fun in your writing. You should use it from time to time unobtrusively to bring some ease and relaxation into things that really matter.

One of the most efficacious methods is to contrast fun with the mundane. Add some pinch of salt to underline how easy our life may appear even when something is wrong. It’s not that bad. It’s not the end. There is only another stumbling stone, which we can handle. Just don’t grow desperate.

Though you are supposed to cover some familiar themes, you should be specific. Find an extraordinary approach. Display the highlighted topic from a new angle, which wasn’t noticed before.

How to Mix Humor into Your Writing


As you have already understood, you aren’t expected to go all that fun. Humor is an assignment. It is only a partial happening. Learn how to mix it into funny college application essays.

Firstly, become the joke. What does it mean? You should implement jokes that are related to your content without offending the audience. Learn what jokes are permitted and use them in dependence on the situation.

Secondly, put to use a thesaurus. With the help of a dictionary, one may define words that have a funny spelling or pronunciation. Such words are immediately spotted by the readers and they sincerely laugh at them.

Implement a swipe file. This is one of the most efficacious tools to create a good funny college application. Analyze your content. Choose unexpected things that introduce new comic events to your readers. They’ll definitely appreciate them.

One of the pretty peculiar methods to implement humor is to use the K rule. This is an interesting clue. You should add K sound and a hard G to the appropriate words. For instance, “Don’t Fuggedaboudit”. Undoubtedly, this is all wrong both in grammar and spelling. Nonetheless, this won’t be counted as a mistake by your committee. The clever people will appreciate your original and uncommon approach. Such things make some people smile even on the subconscious level.

This method is a clever move. When people mark that something was misspelled, they pay to it a closer attention. As you are going to sound fun, they will like it and won’t think that you lack the grammar competence. Moreover, their increased attention plays for you. Using this method, you can emphasize the meaning of your topic or subtopics. Your readers will immediately understand what you are trying to say. When one uses typical methods, many readers omit the importance of your headings. Therefore, use this method as well.

Additional Clues on Humor Writing


We have already reviewed most of the effective ways to create a funny college admission essay. Nevertheless, there are a few more tips that you should know.

We have mentioned the rule of K and G sounds. There is another method, which is called the rule of three. Sometimes, the best way to create an intrigue and ignite the interest of a reader is to misdirect him or her. For example, you should introduce two similar ideas and add the third one, which fully contrasts them. Your readers will be messed up. Accordingly, they would like to read your story to the end to figure out what was wrong.

Mind that you should use three ideas and never more. The main concept is to offer three pretty typical suggestions that are known to other people and that can be easily remembered. Too many facts confuse the mind and don’t make the needed impression. Think about how to use this method in your writing. Of course, it should fully reflect your main purpose.

The second clue is quite familiar to everybody. You should edit your paper. This is a good and dependable practice for any piece of academic writing. When you revise the writing, you will definitely spot some errors. Thus, you’ll eliminate them and escape the loss of essential grades. Read it aloud to maintain a better focus or ask somebody to read it.

The humorous content may be even trickier than the scientific one. Not all of us are good at cracking jokes. Therefore, you should reread your project to identify some weak sides that might seem fun at first, but look silly after your revise them. When you read it aloud in other voices, you enhance your chances to define those weak and not funny parts.

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