Why I want to become a lawyer?

I want to be a lawyer! It is my dream from the early childhood. When I was a young boy, I wanted to protect other children. I understood that there are some rules, which we should follow. And it is prohibited to breach them. After that moment, I decided that jurisprudence is my new “religion”. I started to read classical lawyers and philosophers in order to understand the essence of this subject. Now, I am going to become a student in the Colorado state university. I really believe that this university can improve mu qualification and I am going to enter this university. There are several main reasons for this situation. For example:

  • Civil society

I understand that our country is really successful. We have a well-developed civil society, political institutions and other public organizations, which keep our officials under control. It is really important because these factors caused our success. I really want to become a part of this society. And I think that law education is the best choice to increase your legal consciousness.

  • Protect other people

I am an ordinary altruist. I understand that lawyers usually do not protect good guys. They have to protect bad guys but I still think that I will manage to change this world as a lawyer. I really want to protect other people and help them in a difficult situation. And it doesn’t matter whether I will be a public prosecutor, a lawyer or a judge. I want to help other people and I will do that!

  • Strict rules

I believe that our rules of law are the most important basis of our country. Our legislation is something like a cornerstone, which changed the United States of America. And I am really confused that people cannot follow these simple rules. Can you imagine the world without murderers, shoplifters, crooks and so on? It would be really great in the society without any delicts. I want to do everything possible to solve these disputes and promote my idea among other people. I really want to live in the society without any conflicts, that’s why I am going to become a lawyer.


Therefore, Colorado State university is my dream. It doesn’t matter whether I will manage to enter this year. I am sure that I will become a student at this university. And I will turn my dream into reality!

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