coalition application essay

The coalition application essay prompts as they are now

For many years there was no competition for The Common Application, but now The Coalition Application became an alternative to it. The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success was created in 2015. Among the other advantageous moments, it especially emphasizes affordability. It means that the colleges should offer not such a high tuition fee that will be affordable for the majority. In the other case, they should propose sufficient financial aid that increases the chances of any student to be able to study in the chosen college. At the same time, the colleges should not put extremely high demands concerning graduation requirements.

The Coalition Application, as well as The Common one, requires colleges to be:

- non-profit;

- degree-granting;

- accredited;

- as well as place emphasis on equality.

So what are the peculiarities of the Coalition Application and what is the coalition application essay that is required to be submitted together with the other documents? What can make you give preference to this kind of application? Let’s see what coalition app essay topics can make your submission a winning one.

Peculiarities of coalition application

The Coalition Application make stress on equality and diversity as well as aims to give more chances for the students who are not the brightest ones at their schools. When you make an application, you will see that its several sections are created for this purpose.

Moreover, you have the advantage to use the Coalition’s locker tool where all the important papers can be stored starting from the 9th grade. So, you can be sure that nothing is lost when it comes the time to apply.

How should you write the essay for this type of application?

First of all, it is possible to mention that the essay prompts of Coalition application were quite similar to the competitors’ ones. It was in the Coalition app where it first appeared the option to choose your own essay topic. The Common app also included this option later on. It’s possible to conclude that coalition application essay prompts 2018-19 are nearly the same as they were before. The good thing is that the prompts were confirmed early, so you can successfully start your preparation.

Consider coalition app essay prompts 2018-2019 as inspiration to make your essay memorable and effective. Don’t forget that your main goal on this stage is to distinguish yourself among the other applicants. According to The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success, the coalition application essay prompts are questions at the same time, so here they are:

- The first prompt inspires you to tell about the features of your character or how you developed them; you need to describe that with the help of the concrete story portraying your thoughts and action in that situation;

- The second issue motivates you to speak about the meaningful contribution that you made to the others; you need to focus on the greater good that you were trying to reach as well as challenges to overcome and rewards that you finally got;

- The third coalition application essay topic is about the challenge that changed your beliefs; you need to describe how you responded to the situation and lead the reader through the stages of changes in your long-cherished belief;

- The fourth prompt gives a chance to speak about hardships and advantages of being a teenager; this section gives the possibility to the students without outstanding achievements to express themselves in the form of advice to a younger sibling or friend;

- The fifth and the last point provides you a possibility to submit the essay of your choice; thus, it’s up to you which topic to choose.

So, these are the essay questions for coalition application that you may consider. Wherever you decide to write about the topics proposed in the first four prompts or submit the essay on the topic that you have chosen yourself, make you application self-reflective and obligatory indicate why that concrete issue, situation or challenge that you describe and have chosen among other coalition app essay topics is of particular importance for you.

The coalition application essay word limit and what else to consider

The Coalition Application suggests that the essay word limit should be 300-400 words and not exceed a maximum of 550 words. It’s quite a small essay of 1 or 2 pages approximately. You also need to keep in mind that for this application the schools can have a different word limit, so the good idea is to double-check the essay requirements of your target schools.

If it is a written essay in your case (look below for additional option), try to plan your paper from the beginning in such a way that you don’t exceed the coalition app essay word count. Having a plan will keep you concentrated on all the main point you want to describe. As the essay will be limited in size and you don’t have a possibility to describe yourself fully, try to highlight such experiences for the admission committee members had a wish to invite you on campus to get to know more about you.

Except paying attention to coalition application essay length, a good thing to do from the very beginning is getting to know the requirements of all the schools that you are applying to as there can be the differences:

- some schools may require only one essay;

- the others add supplementary essay(s);

- keep in mind that some colleges may not use the Coalition application at all (in case they are using the Common App).

What coalition application essay format is required?

There is a great advantage for the applicants to music or art faculties, as this application gives the possibility to submit a photo essay or even a small video clip instead of a traditional format of the written personal statement. This option concerning coalition app essay format is still considered to be an experiment, so you need to check its availability for the concrete college that you are applying to. Don’t forget to give permission to the schools you are applying to view this kind of format in the App Locker.

Speaking about the format of coalition application essays in general, you need to understand two main components to be included in your personal statement:

- the story itself (a short narrative with its beginning, the story development, and the end / the important issue is that you are acting as the main character of your story);

- the reflection or the analysis of the story (for the readers to be able to interpret it properly and understand how valuable experience it was for you on the same level as you understand it yourself).

Some other coalition application essay tips may include:

- sharing your final draft of the essay with some knowledgeable person who can give you valuable feedback upon your writing;

- you can have full advantage of collaborating with mentors using your locker; they can comment and provide feedback on all what you post there;

- try to have a coach (a former applicant, for example) to move through the application process smoothly as in some way this application requires more time and can be a bit more complicated technically (as the system is not yet integrated with tools to send letters of recommendations and transcripts that many counselors use, etc.).

In any case, if you are facing problems with your application essay, you can always turn to the professional custom writing service that will make sure for everything to be done perfectly well. Professionals will strictly follow all the coalition app essay requirements to keep you calm and motivated. Your essay will be made in time, so you will not be stressed about the possible delay. Don’t underestimate this possibility, as your successful entrance to the desired college is much more important than the possible formalities you meet.