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Common application essay prompts: what is the main to consider?

Many colleges were choosing the Common Application for years. It was first implemented in 1975 and successfully exists till now providing certain benefits for the applicants. Its main advantage is that the students have to fill in the information about their personal achievements only once. Of course, many colleges still require the answers for some specific short questions or additional essays on a certain topic, but definitely the process became much easier compared to the time when each college required a separate application to be made.

The common application essay prompts can differ a bit from year to year that is why many students are looking for the newest information about this issue. During some years there are no changes at all while during the other years the changes can be significant. In any case, the release of the new prompts for the next study year is awaited with impatience by many school juniors. Let’s have a look at new common application essay prompts that will be valid and essential during 2018-2019 study years.

Common application essay prompts 2019: what’s new?

If you are applying for college in 2018, there is the good news that the prompts remained the same as they were in 2017. Why is it good? Simply because there is a possibility to read some essay examples made by the former applicants. As when the prompts are completely new, the students have to think and imagine what can be beneficial, while you have the chance to do a research, analyze and compare to decide about the winning common application essay prompt.

‘What are the common application essay questions about?’ You may ask. Here is the 2018-2019 prompts list:

- First of all, you are inspired to share a story about your talent, background, interest, or identity in case you fill that it will bring some advantages to your submission;

- The second prompt is about the lessons that you have learned from past experience whether it is a challenge or failure; here you need to think from the point of view how those lessons benefit for your success further on;

- The third issue proposes you to remind the time when you had doubts about some common belief or idea; you need to highlight why you thought in this or that way and what happened as a result;

- The fourth question is about some problem that you have solved previously; you are expected to tell why it was of personal importance to you and what solutions were or could be proposed;

- The fifth prompt recommends you to tell about some realization or accomplishment that was essential for your personal growth and a better understanding of the others;

- The sixth point proposes you to share some idea, issue or topic that you were motivated about and devoted much time to it; as well, it requires for you to mention what you did to get to know more on that topic;

- The last issue is something different from the other common application essay questions; it is about writing an essay of your choice where you can describe something important that was not previously mentioned; in other words, you are expected to create something that corresponds to a new possible prompt.

What you need to do is to provide the answer to one of the seven prompts mentioned above. We hope that now you have a general understanding and answer for your question: “What are the essay questions on the common application?”

If to speak about common application essay topics, it’s possible to mention that finally, it’s up to you to decide whether to use this or that advice. In some cases, you can have your own topics or issues that will distinguish you among the other candidates much better than the common tips given. In the other cases, you can find a useful prompt that applies for you personally among the application questions of the previous years.

Whatever you decide, you need to understand that your common application essay should be unique, distinguishing and written sincerely. You should not boast or provide some untrue facts as they can come out sooner or later. Put stress on your strengths. At the same time, do not deny your weaknesses, but consider them the points of improvement.

Common application essay word limit and other important issues

For many years the Common Application had no particular word limit. Though, the scholars frequently debated if the 450-word text would be still better than a proposed 900-word essay that allows a detailed description. In 2011, the common application essay length was established as a relatively brief version of 500 words. In 2013, with the release of new common application version, the word limit was changed to 650 words per essay. The same word limit is valid for 2018-19 applications.

It’s worth mentioning that there is also a minimum number of words required, and that is 250 words per piece. Also, nowadays the applicants simply can’t enter more than 650 words as it will not be allowed by the text box.

You can take full advantage of the word limit available, but keep in mind that even 650-word essay isn’t quite long. The size of such essay will be two pages approximately if to make it double-spaced. Most essays are from 3 to 8 paragraphs long, though it can depend on the style you choose.

You need to keep in mind common application essay word count already on the stage of planning your essay. Many students make a common mistake when trying to do much with their personal statement and later having a problem to edit it to the required number of words. Your application essay is not a place to name the full list of your achievements. In order to make it properly, you need to:

- realize your main purpose clearly;

- write engagingly and effectively;

- keep in mind your focus;

- make self-reflection;

- state why the chosen topic is significant for you.

Thus, it’s always better to focus only on one event, achievement or realization. Whatever your topic is, try to make everything clear to the readers:

- what had happened,

- what were your feeling or attitudes about the situation;

- what was the result or solution;

- which lessons you have learned, etc.

However, if you think you have said everything needed in 500 words for example, if you make a revision twice and have nothing to add, don’t try to make your essay longer. If you do so, there is a chance that you add something unnecessary, not to the point or repeat the same thought twice. Follow your feelings – if it feels good for you, it will be good.

Turning for common application essay help: can it a wise solution?

Though what to do if you are trying to make a perfect personal statement, already read and reread several times different common application essay tips and still feeling that your essay lacks something or can be written much better. Once again, if your inner feelings tell you that you can fail with your application (in case your personal statement stays like it is), then there is only one wise solution – to turn for the help of a reliable custom writing service.

In such a way, you can be sure that everything will be ready before the deadline and all common application essay requirements without exclusions will be considered. Don’t risk with your application even if you have at least some hesitations. There is nothing bad about relying on professionals as they can make your chances to study in the desired college or university higher. Moreover, when your essay is written perfectly, you will be less stressed and calmly wait for the decision of admission committee. So take the right decision! Everything is in your hands!