essay writing for MBA admission

Essay writing for MBA admission: Tips and Advice

In this article, we'll talk about how to write an MBA admission essay, consider the most common topics of such essays, and also give examples showing how to answer the most common questions correctly. Generally speaking, the questions are usually given with expectation to hear a story about your contribution to study, versatility, plans, and goals. They can be formulated as follows:

  • What had influenced your professional choice? Please, tell us about your future professional plans. How will your MBA degree affect your ability to achieve your goal?
  • Tell us about your career. Why do you need an MBA? How will your career develop after you receive an MBA?
  • Tell us more about what you plan to do in the near future after you receive an MBA. How will the study in our business school contribute to the achievement of your goals?
  • Briefly tell about your achievements in professional terms. Tell us more about your future plans and what made you want to get an MBA from our university?
  • What are your plans after obtaining an MBA?

These are the most typical essay topics that are asked by nearly every business school. You should clearly imagine why you need an MBA degree, and be able to prove it. Questions for essay writing MBA admission are usually divided into several parts – they concern:

- Your past: Did you succeed in business today? What were the reasons of your success or challenges?

- Your future: How will your career develop after you receive an MBA? What are your plans for the future?

- Both issues: It is assumed that your answers will somehow be related to your desire to obtain an MBA.

Advice how to write essay for MBA admission and what to consider

Your essay will be the first thing that the admissions committee will see when it starts to study your documents. You must make a good impression. This can be compared to when you come in for an interview, say hello and smile. Accordingly, your essay should be written confidently and consistently. You must adhere to the facts and do not deviate from the topic.

The admissions committee demands writing an essay for MBA admission as the answer to the questions described above in the hope of finding out the level of your motivation, maturity, and purposefulness. If the essays written by some candidates can be, for obvious reasons, not very clear about career and future plans, then the essay written by the recent graduates should be crystal clear and catching.

If you do not clearly understand why you need an MBA, you need to reconsider your decision to enroll in a business school. Inability to clearly answer the question posed is equated with a hesitant handshake or inability to look into the eyes of the other person.

Some tips about the proper MBA admission essay format

The essay should contain the maximum amount of relevant information (within the word limit), so special attention should be paid to its structure. You can expand the topic by dividing your answer into three separate parts:

- In the first one you can talk about your past work experience;

- In the second part tell a story about your goals and plans for the future;

- In the third part, you can highlight some attractive core issues of the program that you are applying for.

Talking about your experience, you must emphasize how your experience, goals, and actions are related to your decision to obtain an MBA.

Additional information about MBA admission essay writing

In your essay, it is preferable to talk only about one of your goals, if it is, of course, the main one. If you had experience working in several companies, you can tell about it. However, your arguments should be logically justified or clearly formulated. If you are not sure of your goals, then tell honestly about this, and do not try to think of something to hide the truth. At least try to give a plausible explanation of your uncertainty, and explain why this school will help you overcome your doubts.

Emphasize how important this program is for you, how it will allow to develop your professional abilities and personal qualities. In order for you to easily do this, you will have to spend some time learning more about the school and reflecting on yourself: your real goals, plans, and experience.

When you do a research about the school and how it positions itself, use for your essay only those facts that you can relate to yourself. Do not write about what you think they want to hear. Members of the admissions committee will immediately understand your insincerity. They are mostly interested in your personal impressions and own life experience.

Therefore, if you try not to stand out from the main part of the entrants, it can turn against you, even if your essay is well-written. The more frankly you talk about your goals and desires, the better your essay will be.

Some good MBA admission essay samples for your consideration


What do you want to change in yourself with the help of our program?

Example of a relevant answer

Your program attracts colleagues from different continents. Having been educated here, I will expand the professional horizon and better understand people from other cultures. It will help me feel free in the international environment and strengthen the team spirit. Without this, a multinational company can’t succeed.

In your program, there are business training and courses on organizational behavior and personnel management. They are important to me because I want to be a leader and build a team of winners. I hope to learn useful skills and correct attitudes from my future classmates, teachers and business people who, upon invitation, read lectures and conduct master classes.

I hope to improve the skills of business communication. In the study course, we will have to conduct a lot of presentations for students from different countries, teachers, and business experts. I will learn to present ideas and cases from my experience to the colleagues clearly.


What valuable issues and experiences can you provide to London Business School? (up to 300 words)

Example of a good answer

I like to dive into details and optimize everything. This is the basis for my sense of style. As a postgraduate student, I researched new building materials to learn how to build the constructions higher, larger, and more stable without using additional fasteners. A small creative find was the essence of my thesis.

Today I'm one of the founders of company X. Once I managed a team consisted of Italian factories’ representatives, as well as tailors and quality inspectors from Sri Lanka. Everyone has a different experience and ways of communication. But thanks to my thoroughness and optimization skills, I made a single cohesive team from such a decentralized group. Along with this, the quality of the final product improved.

I look forward to developing my professional skills at London Business School. I can, for example, organize a student club for retail and sale of premium goods or an entrepreneurial club. I am ready to help with the organization of student events such as conferences on e-commerce or women's business. I think that my experience of managing own company will be useful to my classmates.

Writing this kind of essay can seem easy from the first sight, but as your whole career depends on this paper, consider addressing MBA admission essay writing service if you have even small hesitations about your abilities to make everything right. The chances that the professional writer will present your experience in the best way are always much higher. Never risk with issues that the essential moments of your life depend on!