medical school application essay help

How to write an application essay to the university and whether medical school application essay help will be useful

There are two reasons why an application essay should be prepared carefully. The first reason is your chance to stand out among equal and even stronger competitors. The second reason is that such motivation letter can smooth out the shortcomings of the individual components of your application. Perhaps you have chosen a program that does not coincide with the previous education, you do not have specific work experience, or lack a few points in the test results. A well-written medical school application essay will help to emphasize your strengths. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Read the university requirements

If the requirements for application essay are not listed on the program's website, register online in the university's application sending system and find a description of the requirements in this system. Pay attention to the required volume of words or printed characters and to the questions that you should cover in your essay. Check how many motivational essays your university requires: most first-degree and masters programs will require only one application essay, but there are exceptions.

An example of medical school application essay questions: "The volume of a motivational essay should be about 500 words. Describe the reason why you chose the program, how it relates to your future career plans, your work experience, practice, volunteer activities, other experience relevant to the program, what do you hope to gain by studying on the program."

Determine the structure of your med school application essay

Pay attention to the sections/paragraphs that will be included in your essay, how these sections will be linked; do not forget to include the introduction and conclusion. Plan what you will write about in each of the sections of your application essay:

  • Introduction.
  • Career objectives for admission to the program.
  • Career plan: how the goals described above will be achieved.
  • Which of the qualities, skills, and knowledge required for the described career plan, do you have, and what do you need to develop?
  • How the program you are applying to will help you develop the relevant qualities, skills, and knowledge and achieve the career goals outlined above.
  • How you can be interesting/useful to high school and fellow students.
  • Conclusion.

Define your career goals and describe them

Most universities include questions about the future career of the student in the questions of application writing. The older is the student or, the higher is the level of his education, the more concrete and thoughtful should be the description of his career plan. Which medical profession attracts you the most and why? Are there any companies/hospitals you would like to work in and why? Your goals should be:

- Not simple, but realistic;

- Professional goals should be related to life goals;

- Specific, demonstrating your understanding of the medical industry and the area where you want to work;

- Focused on improving not only the quality of your life and your bank account but also the lives of people around you, your society, the country and possibly the world as a whole.

Try to connect your career and life goals. In the example below, there is a mix of career and life goals written by a student enrolled in the BSc Biomedical Science program: “The nature of living things is one of the issues that interest me the most. Illnesses that happened to my family members and some friends make it clear to me how important health is in our lives. The humanity faces the challenges of many diseases, and I have put a goal for myself to help people and find a cure for their illnesses.”

Tell about your qualities, knowledge, and achievements

How and what to tell about yourself in medical school primary application essay stumped many entrants as we do not often write our biographies. However, this task can be facilitated if you proceed to it using the following steps:

1. Determine what special qualities and knowledge are needed for success on the chosen program and in your future profession, and which of these qualities do you have. Describe these qualities, giving examples from study, work and life.

2. Determine what common human dignity you have that will help you to succeed on the chosen medical path. Describe these merits, giving examples from your academic, professional, public, sport life, etc.

3. If you have interesting hobbies or you participated in activities that can be useful in your studies or help you become an interesting participant in the life of the university, briefly describe them.

4. Describe what qualities and knowledge necessary for the successful progress of your career you would like to develop while on the program; often in matters of application essays, universities call these qualities "points of improvements".

5. Do not praise or demean yourself, but describe yourself with maximum objectivity, citing facts, relying on the opinions of others and, if possible, citing them.

Study the brochures and the website of the selected university. Most often, the university openly announces what qualities students should have and what criteria should be met.

Below is an example of the description of personal qualities in the essay for medical school application written by a student who entered one of the US medical colleges: “I am ready for challenges as from them I can gain valuable learning experience. I know I need to develop many professional skills in myself and I believe I can do it with the help of quality knowledge that I will receive. I want to be a result-oriented professional doctor who is able to find a solution to any situation. I believe that one of my most important qualities is my ability to collaborate and communicate effectively. However, I believe that to implement my progressive ideas and innovations, I still need to learn more about health issues that humanity is facing nowadays.”

If you find it difficult to describe yourself, first you can list your strongest human qualities, knowledge, skills, hobbies, and achievements, write them out in a separate paper, analyze this list, and leave 3-6 items in it that best confirm your suitability for the chosen program. These qualities you will need to highlight in your application essay.

Tell why you are interested in this program and university

Remember that the person considering your application is most likely to be an expert in the relevant subject area, and it will be important for him to see confirmation of your sincere interest in the subject and its understanding.

Fold the resulting parts together

Following the structure of the essay, make the first version of your essay and finalize it, making sure that all parts of your work are logically related to each other.

Check and edit the essay

In a medical school secondary application essay, thoughts need to be stated simply and clearly. This is easily achieved by limiting the length of the sentence to 12-20 words. Avoid both overly familiar and overly formal tone. Write in a way that is easy to understand. Make sure that each sentence contains important information, not a repetition of what has already been said.

You can try to make your application essay yourself, but a professional writer can make your letter really outstanding: begin with catchy citations, make a non-standard structure, etc. It’s worth to address the reliable writing service because they will double-check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The essay, drawn up without errors, creates a positive impression of the skills and efforts put into the admission process. The professionals will make sure that the text of your essay is understandable to readers, highlights your strengths and valuable experience. All those benefits are maximizing your chances for successful admission. So make the right choice to succeed in the life-changing moment of your application to the desired educational establishment!