writing essay for nursing application

Essay for nursing school application: how to correctly tell about career goals

It is important to write such a nursing school application essay so that it interests the admission committee member who will read it. It is also necessary to understand that this person is most likely a professional in his field and has read dozens or even hundreds of similar essays and can saddle the conclusion about the quality of the text almost from the first lines.

So what is an effective nurse practitioner application essay? In this article, we will provide our recommendations, and on the example of a real essay, we will analyze its parts and structure. On the other hand, it is wrong to assume that there is only one correct structure for writing a nursing application essay. Rather, the following examples and recommendations will help you find your own approach to writing a good text.

General and specific nursing application essay questions that you can deal with

When enrolling in nursing, you will most likely be asked the questions related to the following issues:

  • What life values influenced the choice of a profession?
  • What does your choice of this program and school depend on?
  • Do you have a life mission and is it related to your chosen profession?
  • What are your personal qualities that can be useful in mastering the profession of a nurse?

The essay for nurse practitioner application may add the questions about career goals:

  • What are your short-term and long-term career plans?
  • What are your professional goals?
  • Tell us more about your professional plans for the future and the reasons why you decided to study nursing
  • What do you want to achieve by studying on this program and afterward?

Nursing application essay topics for you to think about

If you are required to focus on one aspect while writing nursing program application essay, you can think of the following:

- how your current goals will be developed into a professional mission after mastering the profession;

- how can you be needed for your society if you become a nurse;

- the reasons that motivate you to choose this profession, etc.

Nursing application essay tips for you to consider

Tip 1. Tell about your choice and what influenced it

"Every person in his life, sooner or later, faces a choice. People have to choose no matter how complex it may seem. From the very childhood, we dreamed of becoming adults, going to work as our parents did. But childhood passes, and it's time to think: "Who do I want to become?" seriously. This year at school, we conducted tests to determine our professional inclinations. All my peers, classmates, including myself, began to think about who we want to become in the future, what profession we would like to have. Adults often asked us about this. But the answer was not so simple. After long thinking, I decided to become a nurse. What attracted me to this profession? "

In this case, the entrant writes about the complexity of choice and that sooner or later we face it. It is important to write sincerely, without hiding your inner feelings. If the essay is written with the phrases that, in the opinion of the applicant, the members of the admission committee are waiting from her, it is immediately felt and exposes the author from a disadvantageous side.

In this text, the girl writes that she started to think about the future profession after the tests for professional abilities. Everyone can have their own reason for choosing a profession, but it's important to mention it. Note that the first paragraph ends with a question that also serves as a smooth transition to the next paragraph.

Tip 2. Support statements about your career goals with your main argument in favor of your choice

"First of all, I want to help people. When you lie in a hospital, there is always a lack of warmth and affectionate words. The nurse spends more time with the patients than the doctor, and it’s her task to comfort the patient. It is important for me to build a relationship with people, sincerely understand their problems and try to support them. Often people recover faster by feeling support and understanding. And this is my main task - to try, along with proper care, to return joy and desire to live to the patients and inspire them to fight for their recovery."

In this case, the entrant successfully emphasizes what is lacking in the modern approach to medical care. Accordingly, her desire to change the situation is filled with special value and significance. The main task voiced by a future nurse can become her professional mission, and this is usually understood by professionals and can serve as the basis for a positive choice on the part of a commission member. Thus, it is important to focus on what you consider to be the most important in your choice (speak about your task, purpose or mission).

Tip 3. Make it clear why your career goals are so important to you personally / designate the second argument in favor of your choice

"Secondly, I believe a profession of a nurse is needed in my own life. When I have a family and children, I can provide them with the basic medical care. I can professionally take care of my elderly parents. Yes, now they are young and quite healthy, but whether we like it or not, they will become old in time and possibly have illnesses. I already became convinced of this: my grandmother died three years ago after a heart attack, although outwardly nothing boded ill. If someone in the family had a medical education and provided her with professional help, it is quite possible that she would be still alive and happy with our achievements. I dream that working as a nurse, I will help not only my relatives but also all familiar and unfamiliar people too - all who need medical help."

Thus, the entrant shows her motivation and purposefulness. Responsibility for one's relatives turns into a desire to help all people who need it - it is a good argument for nursing school application essay. On the other hand, very many entrants emphasize that some personal reasons influenced their choice of the profession. Accordingly, it is unlikely to be able to stand out with this argument among the other competitors. Therefore, it is not advisable to mention this reason at the very beginning of the essay; it is better to make it a concomitant argument.

Tip 4. Identify the importance of the chosen profession for yourself, society and the world as a whole.

"I think that a nurse is one of the noblest professions. She should always be kind and merciful because the work she is doing makes the sufferings easier. People are always treated medical workers with special care, they appreciate and respect them.

Also, in the work of a nurse, I am attracted to communication with people. After all, every day I will learn more about them, participate more in their fate as they trust me with their health and life. The nurse, in my opinion, is the most interesting, necessary and important profession. When I feel that I have to do something useful for people, I understand that I am needed, which means that I live not in vain."

Nursing study programs have been created with the conviction that the future nurses can and should play a key role in caring for those who need it and who can’t take care of themselves at that moment of life. Therefore, medical schools are looking for future professionals who really want to do something good for their society and the world. It is important for health school representatives to make sure that your career goals meet this belief and that you truly believe in those values.

Thus, writing essay for nursing application isn’t an easy thing. Moreover, your possibility to study in the desired school and even your future career path can depend on the success of the application. Therefore, consider turning to professional writing service to receive an essay of the best quality surely. The professionals know perfectly well how to write a nursing application essay of your dream. Strengthen your chances for success with the right choice!